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English for Hotel Staff


Improve hotel-related communication skills

Learning area

Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar


Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate

Key outcomes for you:

Learn to interact with guests in English

Learn English for specific job functions

Improve pronunciation, build word power


International English


If you work in a hotel – or plan to – you need to know the specialist English of the hospitality industry. It’s very important that you are able to communicate accurately and effectively with your colleagues, and with the guests in the hotel. For example, do you know how to talk to an angry guest? Can you confidently give directions around the hotel? Can you make small talk, helping a guest to feel comfortable and relaxed?

English for Hotel Staff provides a whole range of interactive activities to help you in all these situations, and more. You will also practise language for specific hotel jobs, such as waiter, chambermaid, front desk and housekeeping.

Available 24 hours a day online, English for Hotel Staff is convenient, enjoyable and extremely effective.

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