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Are you preparing for IELTS?

If so, you'll know that you need to work on your reading, writing, listening, speaking... and your study strategies. So, how can Clarity's General English program help you get your best possible score in IELTS?

The program includes four elements:

Active Reading will help you master all the reading skills you will need: skimming, scanning, reading for information, topic sentences and much more.
Accurate grammar is important for all four skills. You need to speak and write correctly – that's obvious. But a good command of grammar will also help you to pinpoint the exact meaning in the Listening and Reading tests. Tense Buster covers 33 key grammar areas.
Pronunciation is a key factor in the Speaking test: poor pronunciation means a lower score. Good pronunciation skills help you understand more easily, and speak more accurately. Clear Pronunciation will help you master the sounds of English.
Study Skills Success is aimed specifically at helping you to prepare for IELTS – and at helping you study in English once you've succeeded in the test. This program brings together reading, writing, speaking listening, vocabulary strategies and grammar in a single resource.

Clarity's General English package will help you master all the skills you need to achieve your best possible score in IELTS. And at just US$19.99 for a month's access it offers remarkable value: it could be the best investment you've ever made.